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2014 New Year Predictions


Midhuna Rasi (Gemini) - 2014 New Year Predictions - Page 1 / 2

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This year begins with for you with Jupiter Rx (Guru Bhagawan in Vakra Kadhi) in the Janma Sthanam, Sani Bhagawan, Rahu in Poorva Punya Sthanam and Ketu in Labha Sthanam, Mars in 4th house. This mostly denotes a severe testing period and hence you cannot expect anything big in the beginning of the year. This year aligns up with so many transits of all major planets, you will see things keep changing frequently than usual. Even though this year starts with miserable aspect of planets, you will start having Raja Yogam Graha aspects towards end of this year that is from Nov 2014. Severe testing period until June 2014, significant recovery until Oct 2014, great success and happiness from Nov 2014 onwards.  



With Jupiter on your Janma Sthanam along with Saturn on your 5th house, you would suffer a lot until June 18, 2014. You need to take care of your health very well and any warning signs should not be ignored. Once you reach July 2014, you will develop great amount of positive energy from planets that can strengthen your physical body as well as your mind. Any chronic diseases and illness will get cured very easily from July 2014 onwards.


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Family, Love and relationship

Temporary separation, conflicts with your spouse or lover are very common in the beginning of the year. Some couples even decide to break up relationship. It is a testing period that can continue until June 2014. Once you reach July 2014, then things will change a lot. All existing conflicts with your spouse will resolved and you will start leading happy life together.


If you are single, better be single until June 2014. Then you will find a better match and you can get married by end of this year. Eligible couples will also get blessed with a baby around end of this year. First half of this year looks severe testing period and then followed by great happiness.



Work / Career and Business 

Your work environment would not be good and it is not a good time to see great success on your career until June 2014. Existing Job will continue will some problems and stress. You will be having more work pressure and hectic environment. There is no surprise if you get unemployed before June 2014.


Things will get much better shape from July 2014 onwards. If you have lost your Job in the recent past, you will get it during this period. Salary hike and promotion along with great incentives are highly indicated on the cards. Business people will start shining well from July 2014 onwards. It is a good time to sign new contacts and expand your business. You will start seeing windfall profits towards end of this year.


Immigration / Foreign travel

First half of this year looks hectic and very bad with respect to immigration benefits and foreign travel. But you will see great success on this aspect from July 2014 onwards.  


Finance and Investments

Your debt mountain will continue to grow until May 2014. You may even get into panic mode on how you are going to repay all your debts. But Jupiter entering on your 2nd house in June 2014, will destroy your debt mountain to show you happiness. During July 2014, you will find some good sources to refinance with low interest rate. As time progress towards end of this year, you will start repaying your debt and control your finance situation. By end of this year, you will have enough savings on your bank account.


You will have great investment opportunities towards end of this year. If you want to buy a new home or invest in real estate, it is better you wait until Oct 2014. Stock market trading would yield severe losses until June 2014 and moderate gains until Oct 2014 and will be highly profitable from Nov 2014 onwards.


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc

Unfortunately people involved in movie industry, artist and politicians will have very hard time in the beginning of this year. But you will see very big upside from July 2014 onwards. By end of this year, you will regain popularity, public image, name and fame. If you are into public election, you will see great success from July 2014 onwards.


Jan 01, 2014 to Mar 05, 2014 Health and Family problems, weak finance (20/100)


This is the time Guru Bhagawan in Midhuna Rasi and Sani Bhagawan and Rahu in Thula Rasi. Your health condition might be terribly bad, You need to .......... Click here to goto next page



Predictions written by KT Astrologer Connect in Facebook


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