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2014 New Year Predictions


Kataga Rasi (Cancer) - 2014 New Year Predictions - Page 1 / 2

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This begins with for you with Jupiter Rx (Guru Bhagawan in Vakra Kadhi) in your 12th house, Ardhasatama Sani, Rahu in 4th house and Ketu in 10th house, Mars in 3rd house. This year is going to be another challenging year for you! The time period until Mar 2014, looks reasonably OK. The time period between June and October 2014 looks terrible. As long as you can stay neutral on your life style, it would be great achievement. Growth can happen only if your natal chart supports!



Since you are having Ardhastama Sani until Nov 02, 2014, health would be average only. Jupiter on your viraya sthanam until June 2014 will not affect your health. But your health problems would be much more between June and Oct 2014. Overall you need to be very careful on your health. Any warning signs should not be ignored. Keep very good diet and exercise to maintain your good health. It is going to be a testing period only. Prayers and meditation are mandatory for you!


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Family, Love and relationship

Your family life would be reasonably OK from the beginning of year until March 05, 2014 and manageable until Jun 18, 2014. But the time period after June 2014 would be a very severe testing period. Both Jupiter and Saturn would go against during the same time that is affecting your family situation. You can expect to have problems with your close family members also.


It is better you avoid getting into marriage and other relationship issues. If you are married, there is no surprise, if you develop any serious arguments with your spouse. If you have existing love affairs, it will have severe setback or even end up in breakup. Keep prayers and meditation to keep your mind stable. Handle each and every problem slowly and do not take any hasty decisions.


Work / Career and Business

Your work environment would be good at least until Mar 2014 and better until June 2014. However it is not a good time to see great success on your career. Existing Job will continue will some problems and stress until June 2014. But once you enter onto July 2014, situation will get much worse. There is no surprise if you get unemployed. You would not be happy with your current work environment. But you need to continue because of survival.


Once you come out of Ardhasthama Sani by Nov 02, 2014, you will have some relief on your work environment. At least things will be in manageable condition. Growth would not be possible even during this period. Overall this is going to be one of the worst year with your respect to your work and career.


Business people will enter into panic mode between July and Oct 2014. Bankruptcy could not be ruled out! You will have pending orders that are due but you will not have cash inflow at all. May have hard time in paying even salary to your employees.


Immigration / Foreign travel

Overall immigration benefits and foreign travel does not look so great! You need to depend on your natal chart for such benefits. Better to stay in your current level would be great achievement during this year.


Finance and Investments

Finance situation would be reasonably better until March 2014. It will turn into bad until June 2014. You will be in panic mode on managing your debt between July and Oct 2014. If you co-sign for any loan, then you would become the primary on repaying the loan. Better avoid borrowing money during this time since Jupiter and Saturn will be happy in creating debt mountain for you!


People in the field of Movie, Arts, Politics, etc

Unfortunately people involved in movie industry, artist and politicians will have very hard time during this year. Failures are most common scenarios. You will start losing your hard earned name and fame. You will have some relief until Mar 2014 and after Nov 2014.


Jan 01, 2014 to Mar 05, 2014 Significant Recovery (60/100)

This is the time Jupiter Rx in Midhuna Rasi and Saturn Thula Rasi. You will great results during this period. Your health would be fine until end of Jan 2014. Your family pressure will .... Click here to goto next page

Predictions written by KT Astrologer Connect in Facebook


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