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2014 Financial Astrology Predictions


2014 Financial Astrology Predictions For Meena Rasi (Pisces)

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For Meena Rasi People, 2013 might have been very worse because of Asthama Sani. Even though you have felt some relief from June 2013, it would have ended by Nov 2013. This new year 2014 is welcoming you with bad luck only. But the good thing is, upcoming Jupitet transit in June 2014 and Saturn transit in Nov 2014, can bring you great fortune. You will make excellent financial growth from June 2014 onwards.



Bank Loan Approval and Home Buying Opporutunities


If you are interested in buying a new home or land, it is better to wait until end of this year. By that time you would have crossed Asthama Sani. The ideal time for you to buy a new home is only after Nov 27, 2014. Even though you have good time from July 2014, there will not be enough energy to see the success immediately. People running with benefic maha dasa can go with buying a new home on or after July 2014. Others need to wait at least until Nov 27, 2014.



Tradings Stocks and Commodities


Since your time is too bad in the beginning of the year, I would suggest you to stop trading at least until May 01, 2014. One you reach May 01, 2014, you would see great financial success. However Asthama Sani will continue to limit your success. Even though you will start coming out of debts from May 2014 onwards. You can trade stock or commodities (Gold, Silver or Oil) after July 2014. But you have to reduce the bet as much as possible still Asthama Sani is capable of stopping your speculative investments growth. The best time for you trade is only after Nov 27, 2014.



Tradings Options and Futures


Options and Futures trading requires more planets support and great fotunes. You can do options and futures tradings between Nov 27, 2014 and Dec 31, 2014. You have avoid options tradings except these days in 2014.


NOTE: Remember the thumb rule in financial astrology. When your time is not good, if you close your positions, then the stock price will move up. If you keep it open, then the price will go down. In either case, you will lose money by either losing your profit or adding your losses.

Predictions written by KT Astrologer Connect in Facebook


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