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List of files generated by MIDL compiler
« on: June 13, 2011, 02:49:38 pm »
MIDL is an microsoft interfac definition language compiler. It is used to compile .idl file and produces the following 4 files:

1) .h     Header file
2) _i.c   IID file
3) _p.c  Proxy file
4) .tlb   Type library file
5. dlldata.c - holds the collection of proxy and stub file structure. It points to the struct in _p.c file

typedef struct tagProxyFileInfo
    const PCInterfaceProxyVtblList *pProxyVtblList;
    const PCInterfaceStubVtblList  *pStubVtblList;
    const PCInterfaceName *         pNamesArray;
    const IID **                    pDelegatedIIDs;
    const PIIDLookup                pIIDLookupRtn;
    unsigned short                  TableSize;
    unsigned short                  TableVersion;
    const IID **                    pAsyncIIDLookup;
    LONG_PTR                        Filler2;
    LONG_PTR                        Filler3;
    LONG_PTR                        Filler4;
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