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Visual C++ Programming / Visual Studio - Fixing Out of Memory Error
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 05:48:29 pm »
If you have a big project and trying to compile in Visual Studio under window 7 or vista, it might throw an linker error - out of memory.

Follow the following simple steps to fix this error permanently.

1. Start your Visual Studio Command Prompt as an administrator.
2. Type "BCDEDIT /Set IncreaseUserVa 3072" - It will change the boot configuration so that the user mode memory would be 3GB going forward.
3. Change your directory to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9\Common7\IDE\
4. Type editbin /LARGEADDRESSAWARE devenv.exe
5. Restart your computer.

Windows Opertaing System / Where is boot.ini file in Windows 7?
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 05:43:05 pm »
Windows 7 does not have boot.ini file. It is called boot manager.

You can manage your settings with BCDEdit - command line options.

For more details, visit the following link:

You might see the following error when you try to edit the boot configuration windows 7 or vista.

The boot configuration data store could not be opened.
Access is denied.

All you have to do it is, run the program (command prompt) as an administrator.
Windows Opertaing System / Windows Task Scheduler - Scheduling a Task
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 05:03:45 pm »
It is easy to schedule a task to run one time or recurrently.

From Start Menu, you can type "Task Scheduler" or "taskschd.msc" to invoke task scheduler dialog.

You can create a new task by clicking "Create Task" on the right side window under "Actions".

"Create Task" will invoke a dialog with 5 tabs - General, Triggers, Actions, Conditions, Settings.

The following is the screenshot for Trigger.

The following is the screenshot for Action that will restart your computer. You can select any other program in which you are interested in.

You can go through conditions and settings tab on your own.
Windows Opertaing System / Starting your programs with windows startup
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 04:45:08 pm »
You can place your programs in the following folder.

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

All the programs or shortcut items will be executed automatically immediately after windows start up and login.

Windows Opertaing System / Enable / Disable - Ctrl Alt Del to Login
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 04:38:02 pm »
Go to Control Panel and then Navigate to User Accounts - Manage User Accounts.

It will popup a dialog box and you will see the list of users under "Users" Tab. Click on "Advanced" Tab.

There you will see a check box item - Require users to press Ctrl+Alt+Delete. You can check or uncheck to enable or disable the action.

Windows Opertaing System / Windows 7 - Enable Autologin
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 04:31:51 pm »
There are couple of steps you can follow so that you do not have to login to your machine each and every time with windows 7.

1. Open your registry editor and Naviage to Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\winlogon.
2. You will see a string value "AutoAdminLogon" set to "0". Make it to 1, so that auto login will be enabled.
3. Then you have to update the following values:
    a. DefaultUserName - <your username>
    b. DefaultPassword - <your password>
    c. DefaultDomainName - <your domain name, if required>

Now you are all set for auto login.

Note: If you do not find the string values DefaultUserName, DefaultPassword or DefaultDomainName - Right Mouse Button and create New String Value.

Windows Opertaing System / Excel APPCRASH - How to solve this problem?
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 04:20:57 pm »
Often you might see excel crashing with the following APPCRASH message:

Problem signature:
Problem Event Name:   APPCRASH
Application Name:   EXCEL.EXE
Additional information about the problem:
LCID:   1033
skulcid:   1033

It might happen when you try to open a document or save a document or copy a bunch of cells and try paste it or delete it.

It might be annoying for the user. Try the following things and it will solve your problem.

1. Try to install latest service pack or windows updates, if any.
2. Disable the addins - HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins - Set LoadBehavior to 0.
3. Restart your computer, excel should be working fine.
Finance Blog / What is cash reserve ratio in India - RBI?
« Last post by kathir on January 27, 2012, 04:13:03 pm »
You might have see the word "cash reserve ratio" in the head lines last week and that contributed the rally on Nifty and Sensex.

The news is "India’s RBI cuts cash reserve ratio to 5.5% from 6%, leaves interest rates unchanged."

What is cash reserve ratio here?

Cash Reserve Ratio is one of the bank regulation and this sets the minimum reserves one bank must hold to its customer deposits. In India, this is the amount of fund that a bank must keep with RBI. If RBI decrease the cash reserve ratio, then the available funds for the bank would be more and that does provide more liquidity in the market. Banks can lend more money to the customers or invest on something else.

When the news came out banks outperformed the overall sector as it is a very good news for the banks.
Web Development / PHP download link?
« Last post by kathir on January 24, 2012, 12:22:01 pm »
PHP is a scripting language, no download required for execution. You need any browser to execute a PHP page. You can use Adobe Dreamweaver CS 5 trial version to create a PHP page. It will have intellisense help.

You can get the trial version from the following link, which is good for 30 days:

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