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VC++ ATL/COM - MIDL Generated Files

MIDL is known as Microsoft Interface Definition Language Compiler. It is used to compile .idl file and produces the following 5 files:


1) .h Header file

2) _i.c IID file

3) _p.c Proxy/stub file

4) .tlb Type library file

5. dlldata.c - holds the collection of proxy and stub file structure. It points to the struct in _p.c file.


typedef struct tagProxyFileInfo


    const PCInterfaceProxyVtblList *pProxyVtblList;

    const PCInterfaceStubVtblList  *pStubVtblList;

    const PCInterfaceName *         pNamesArray;

    const IID **                    pDelegatedIIDs;

    const PIIDLookup                pIIDLookupRtn;

    unsigned short                  TableSize;

    unsigned short                  TableVersion;

    const IID **                    pAsyncIIDLookup;

    LONG_PTR                        Filler2;

    LONG_PTR                        Filler3;

    LONG_PTR                        Filler4;