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VC++ ATL/COM - Step 5 COM Client Test Application in C#


6. COM Client Test Application in C#

There is couple of steps before you use the COM DLL into your C# application:



  1. Create a strong name file as shown below:

                   C:\kathir\SFTComServer>sn -k key.snk


  1. Create the DLL that is compatible with C# using tlbimp

                   C:\kathir\SFTComServer>tlbimp release\SFTComServer.tlb /keyf

                   ile:key.snk /out:SFTComServer_vsnet.dll /namespace:SFTCOMServer


                   Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Type Library to Assembly Converter                          2.0.50727.42

                   Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.


                   Type library imported to C:\kathir\SFTComServer\SFTComServer



  1. Register the newly created .DLL


                   C:\kathir\SFTComServer>regasm SFTComServer_vsnet.dll

                   Microsoft (R) .NET Framework Assembly Registration Utility                                    2.0.50727.3053

                   Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation 1998-2004.  All rights reserved.


                   Types registered successfully


  1. Register the COM DLL if you have not done so far.



Now is the time to write C# test application by adding a reference to the newly created SFTComServer_vsnet.dll.


using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Text;


namespace SFTCSClientConsole


      static void Main(string[] args)




            SFTComServer.MathControl ctrl = new SFTComServer.MathControl();

            uint result = 0;

            ctrl.AddTwoNumbers(10, 15, out result);


            ctrl.AddTwoNumbers(10, 25, out result);


            ctrl.AddTwoNumbers(10, 35, out result);



          catch (Exception err)







Make sure you compile with X86 platform to avoid the Error 0x80040154 Retrieving COM class factory for component with CLSID failed



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