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VC++ ATL/COM - Step 3.1 Adding a COM Interface - Threading Model


3.1 Threading Model

Single: Specifies that the object always runs in the primary COM thread. STA and COM InprocServer32 will come under this category.


Apartment: It is a single thread apartment and is tied to a specific thread and has a Windows message pump (default).


Both:  (both STA and MTA)

 Specifies that the object can use STA(single thread apartment) or MTA (Mutli-thread apartment ) model


Free: (MTA)

 Specifies that the object uses free threading equivalent to a multithread apartment model.


Now look at the code created for MathControl Object


class ATL_NO_VTABLE CMathControl :

      public CComObjectRootEx<CComSingleThreadModel>,

      public CComCoClass<CMathControl, &CLSID_MathControl>,

      public IDispatchImpl<IMathControl, &IID_IMathControl,            

            &LIBID_SFTComServerLib, 1, 0>



From the above, we know the it uses STA - CComSingleThreadModel. If we have chosen Free threading model, then you can find the class with CComMultiThreadModel.

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