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VC++ ATL/COM - Step 3 Adding a COM Interface


3. Adding a COM Interface

Once you are done with creating the COM server object, now is the time to create an interface. Click on Project and then Add Class. You will see the following popup window. Make sure the category is pointing to ATL on left side.




And you need to select ATL Simple Object and Click Add button to add the COM interface. It will invoke the ATL Simple Object Wizard Dialog box as shown below:


Here you need to key in the interface name. The list of classes and header and cpp files will be generated by wizard will be shown on this dialog.



Click Next Button to select the options. You will have 4 different options shown below:



All the four items are explained in the following pages


1. Threading Model
2. Aggregation
3. Interface
4. Support



Click here to download the complete source code of COM DLL Server, C++ Client and CSharp Client