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Turbo C / C++ Header Files List


You can find here the list of header files used in Turbo C++ compiler version 3.0.

Memory management funtions
Assertion macros
bcd and bcd math functions
Bios functions like inpotrb, outportb, etc
Math functions for complex numbers
MS-DOS Console IO Functions
Character Conversion Macros and Functions
Directory and Path information Struct, Macros and functions
POSIX Directory functions
MS-DOS and 8086 specific functions
Error Code Definitions
Defines constants used in library function open.
Functions realted to floating-point number.
Declares the C++ stream classes that support file input and output.
Contains macros for generic class declarations.
All graphics related functions are declared here!
Contains structures and declarations for low-level input/output routines.
Declares the C++ streams I/O manipulators.
Declares the basic C++ streams (I/O) routines.
Contains environmental parameters and compile-time limitations
Declares language-specific information.
Memory management functions.
Declares prototypes for the math functions
Declares the memory-manipulation functions.
  • memory.h
Memory manipulation functions.
  • new.h
Access to operator new and newhandler.
Contains declarations for the spawn... and exec... functions.
  • search.h
Declares functions for searching and sorting.
Defines a type used by longjmp and setjmp.
Defines parameters used in functions that use file-sharing.
Defines constants and declarations for signal and raise.
Used to parse the variable number of arguments.
Defines several common data types and macros.
Defines types and macros needed for the Standard I/O rountines and stream-level I/O routines.
Declares the C++ (version 2.0) stream classes for use with stdio FILE structures.
Standard Library functions including conversion and search/sort routines
Declares the C++ (version 1.2) streams (I/O) routines.
Declares several string and memory manipulation routines.
Declares the C++ stream classes for use with byte arrays in memory.
  • sys\locking.h
Definitions for mode parameter of locking function.
Defines symbolic constants used for opening and creating files.
Declares the function ftime and the structure timeb that ftime returns.
Declares the type time_t used with time functions.
Defines a structure filled in by the time-conversion routines.
  • utime.h
Declares the functions utime and the structure utimbuf
Defines important constants, including machine dependencies;
  • varargs.h
Defines old style marcos for processing variable argumnet lists. Superceded by stdarg.h