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Turbo C - Pointer Declaration

Pointers are used to point to a memory location. In Turbo C, size of pointer variable in 2 bytes since it is a 16 bit applications where as in visual c++ it would be 4 bytes since it 32 bit applilcation. Today 64 bit compilers will allocate 8 bytes for a pointer variable.


The following is a good example illustrating the concept of pointer.


Source Code

#include <stdio.h>


void main()


   int n = 100;

   int *p1 = &n;

   int *p2 = NULL;


   printf("Pointer %u contains %d\n", p1, *p1);


   *p1 = 200;

   p2 = &n;


   printf("Pointer %u contains %d\n", p2, *p2);


   printf("N = %d\n",n);





Pointer 12442 contains 100

Pointer 12442 contains 200

N = 200