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Software Quality Assurance - Edge Case Testing

When a programmer makes an error (mistake), which results in a defect in the software source code.

If this defect is executed, system will produce wrong results, causing a failure. A defect can be called fault or bug.


QA (Quality Assurance Team) person uses many test cases based on the requirement and also does create a test case for edge case or tail end case testing. This testing is known as when an user normally will not enter into this situation.


Consider simple example of inputing the employee information:


When you key in the employee information, the maximum age limit would be 70 or 80. But if you key in a year that results in employee age as more than 200, the software will not function correctly. This error should be caught while doing edge case testing. Even if we release this product to the client with out testing this case, it will continue to work until the user intentionally enters the age above 200.