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Migrating Back To India

In the recent past, I have been seeing that many people migrating to India from United States. I have written an article by analyzing this topic.


If you notice closely, people who are moving back to India are in the middle age groups and having one or two children. If a single person is moving back to India, then it would definitely either be his or her employment situation or immigration issue.

  • Excellent salary package by Indian companies - Excellent salary package will lead to save more money in India itself. Most of the money earned in United States are going for rent or mortgage payments, income taxes and sales taxes and insurance. Speeding & parking tickets and traveling are added expenses.
  • Jobs are moving to India - Many companies in United States are shifting their development and testing team to India as a part of cost cut down. The senior managers think that they can pay less and get more work done, even it is not true in real life.
  • Staying close to Family - When there are kids, it plays a important role for considering moving back to India. Parents are staying alone in India while they would like to spend more time with grand children.
  • Education - The education system is very good in India, both in private and public schools and they keep very good standards.
  • Immigration Problems - This is another big issue in United States. The unemployment percentage in United States keeps increasing and putting a lot of pressure on immigrant workers. People work in United States for more than 6-8 years are not having green cards. This puts a lot of restriction in their travel plans and finally considering switching their jobs to India.
  • Medical Expenses - You have to be very healthy while reading medical bills from hospital and insurance companies, otherwise you will get heart attack by seeing the amount, such a huge expense for medical treatment. If you want to do any surgery in a hospital, then better travel to India and get the treatment. That becomes much cheaper. Insurance industry is intentionally or unknowingly complicated enough to confuse people and make money.
  • Insurance - You can not live with out insurance in United States. Let it be life, medical, auto, home, theft, etc,  a significant amount goes into insurance from their salary.

If you are a single IT working professional in your family, then you pay approximately 30% for taxes, 15% for rent, 10% for medical insurance and expenses, 5% for commuting and gas expenses, 5% for utilities - water, hearing, electricity and phone bills, 5% for groceries and food, 10% for tours, travel and entertainment. Finally end up saving with 20% of net income. If both are working in a family, they will end up spending money in day care expenses. If you got laid off and do not work for 2 months, then you have to loose your one year savings. It is another pain as layoffs are not uncommon in United States.

People who have stayed here for about a decade now considering moving to back to India for the above factors.

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Posted on July 03, 2010