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Maths Games / Puzzle - Towers of Hanoi Online

You can play or practice the towers of hanoi game online.


You have an option to select 2 to 9 discs.


Demo Mode: If you do not want to play the game and see how effectively the discs can be moved from Tower A to Tower C, you can click on the demo button repeatedly. Each time you click the demo button, you will notice one movement. You can also see how many movements are pending as a status message. The formula to find out the total number of moves for n discs is: 2^n - 1.


Game Mode: Select the number of discs and Click on the Start Game to play the game. You need to click the "Tower A" to pick up the top most disc on tower A. Once you clicked the top most disc color will change to notify you that you picked a disc. You can click on the other towers "Tower B" or "Tower C" to move the disc from Tower A. And the game continues until you move all the discs from Tower A to Tower C.


The CSharp source code for algorithm Tower of Hanoi algorithm can be found at the following location:


C# Tower Of Hanoi Algorithm Source Code