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Financial Astrology For Stock Market and Commodities Trading

Financial Astrology is a way of predictions stock and commodities price using astrology. You can find the financial forecast for the stock market trading and precious metals such as gold, silver price using Vedic Astrology on this page.


Like each and every individual, a company or a country is also having a natal chart. In case of country, we have to consider the date and time when it got independence as well as when the president inauguration date. In case of a company, we have to consider when the company was founded, the datails of change in CEO and when the stock ticker symbol start traded.


Many people do believe that saturn can push down the price and Jupiter can push up the price. But it is not true. Let it be any planet, either Jupiter or Saturn, can push up or down the price based the transits with respect to the corresponding moon sign of a company or a country.



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