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C# - Delegates

C# delegates are like pointers in C++ and it does use the word called delegate. In the following line, it does look like a function declaration along with the keyword delegate. Here Shape is the function pointer type definition with function signature of void <FunctionName>();


        public delegate void Shape();  // Returns nothing and takes no arguments

        public delegate bool MyStringFunction(string s); // Returns bool and takes string as an input



With the same signature we have to write functions and assign it to delegate definition shown below.


           Shape ptr = new Shape(d.Rectangle);



Source Code

using System;

using System.Collections.Generic;

using System.Text;


namespace Basics


    class Drawing


        public delegate void Shape();


        public void Rectangle()


            Console.WriteLine("This is Rectangle");



        public void Square()


            Console.WriteLine("This is Square");



        public void Circle()


            Console.WriteLine("This is Circle");



        static void Main(string[] args)


            Drawing d = new Drawing();


            // Shape is like a fuction pointer in C++

            // Shape [] is assigned with 3 functions with same function sigature

            Shape [] parray = { new Shape(d.Rectangle),

                                new Shape(d.Square),

                                new Shape(d.Circle)



            // call the functions using delegates which is function pointers in C++









This is Rectangle

This is Square

This is Circle