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C# - Step 5.4 ClassInterfaceType.None


There are 3 ClassInterfaceType listed below:


ClassInterfaceType.None (No class interface will be generated so that COM clients need always to go through the interface explicitly defined in our case it is IMathCtrl.


When you use ClassInterfaceType.None like below




the following code will get generated on C++ client side with #import tlb file.



struct __declspec(uuid("43b9838e-b01d-42df-aa8e-3c6a7a27f578"))

/* LIBID */ __SFTCSServer;

struct __declspec(uuid("12d1edac-20c0-4faa-a774-b6f4c300b47e"))

/* dispinterface */ IMathCtrl;

struct /* coclass */ MathCtrl;



_COM_SMARTPTR_TYPEDEF(IMathCtrl, __uuidof(IMathCtrl));




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